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Confidential Communication: why is this your “safe harbor”?

Why is it crucial for you to find “safe harbor?” A federal investigation and prosecution is a storm you must be equipped to weather.  The better the relationship between me and my client, the better the outcome. High functioning attorney-client relationships are created by the full use of privileged communications existing by law between attorney and client and that are protected from disclosure by law. This dynamic builds trust and that trust can only benefit you as a client. You need to find this “safe harbor” with experienced counsel who chart a course.

In the safe harbor, we get ourselves ready for the difficult passage over the rough sea. We must learn to work together to become effective to achieve the best outcome: your safe passage through the storm and over rough sea. This privilege is designed to encourage candid discussion to give substance to your constitutional right to counsel. These are the reasons why I call the communication between attorney and client a “safe harbor.” 

In this safe harbor, a client can communicate and should communicate candidly and completely and only then can counsel begin to offer comprehensive and good judgment and recommendations based on these privileged communications.  They include fundamental facts you don’t want to tell anyone because you do may trust them to keep your confidences.  So, it is crucial that you come to trust me as your attorney so you will feel safe to disclose your confidences and understand that my unauthorized disclosure of your confidences risk my license to practice law and my reputation. By being completely honest with me you can best use my 38 years of experience to your full advantage. It is the best navigational tool to chart your safe passage through the storm and over rough sea.

There are no ‘bad’ facts if you come to understand that all information is helpful when developing tactics and an overall strategy, what I call charting your course.  I come to be your attorney to assist you through what is often an ordeal and not to judge you. Full disclosure based on trust is essential to developing the most effective and dynamic strategy. 

As we move forward, I maintain regular and timely communication to maintain clarity, to avoid misunderstanding and to adjust our strategy to circumstances as they come to be known. Facts come to be known from many sources. We discover facts as part of our defense investigation or as they come to be revealed by the prosecution. However, the fundamental facts, the foundation for the defense and for achieving the best outcome, must come from you. We chart our course always prepared to adjust based on changing circumstances.

As we develop facts, I may engage investigative and forensic services on your behalf. The professionals who provide these services do so at my direction. Their work, an extension of our privileged and confidential relationship, is also confidential because it is protected by the attorney work product rule.  
In summary, our communications and our work product developed in the safe harbor are essential to achieving the best outcome for you, for your safe passage over rough seas.

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